Pop Quiz! What is the floral emblem of Ipswich?

Eucalyptus Curtisii, Plunkett Mallee, is a small tree that is native to Queensland, Australia. It is a mallee eucalyptus that grows from 2 to 7 metres in height and has smooth, grey bark that peels in long strips. The adult leaves are 6 to 13 cm long and 10 to 25mm wide. It has prominent creamy-white flowers that appear in late spring. It’s natural distribution is within a limited area in the south-east corner of Queensland. The common name refers to Plunkett, which is a locality to the north of Mount Tamborine. The species is named for Densil Curtis who came across the tree while obtaining botanical samples within its range in 1923. It was adopted by Ipswich City Council as a floral emblem in 1996. The Glebe Garden Club (Ipswich) has also adopted this local species as our emblem and proudly displays it on our new member badges.


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