Bringing flowering blossom trees into your garden

Have you ever considered bringing that amazing look of flowering blossom trees into your garden, but have thought…its too hard in a warm climate? Well think again , as the ornamental flowering peaches are the perfect choice. Its far too warm a climate for REAL flowering cherries in the greater Brisbane region and above , yet these beauties can provide the exact same feeling ( and excitement) of a beautiful Japanese inspired garden. Not grown for fruit production, these forms of Prunus species are naturally adapted to much lower chilling hours and will begin flowering from now until mid September. Although a flowering Cherry, the Taiwanese cherry( prunus campanulata) comes from lower altitudes and are often the first to begin the show with their rich cyclamen pink single blooms. The flowering Peaches ( Prunus persica and prunus versicolour) can still be found in and around the Brisbane area in older gardens and are remnants of days gone past when older gardeners still embraced these gorgeous plants. Each winter they burst into flower sending honey bees into a flurry of excitement. They are relatively small growing trees to four metres so can be placed in any size garden or even courtyards. Some have the tendency to self seed, so removal of the (inedible) small fruit is suggested . Flowering peaches are a real treat for the senses in our gardens and should be grown a lot more as they truly bring a magical presence in winter and spring . They should be available now through specialist nurseries as bare rooted stock or potted up as deciduous specimens.

(Thank you and credit to “Noel Burdette Growing Gardeners” for this advice)


Prunus Persica – Ornamental Flowering Peach

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