Letting your brassicas go to seed

(Care of Noel Burdette Growing Gardeners)

cabbageHave you been enjoying your cabbages and all brassicas over the cooler months? Don’t be in a hurry to remove the last of your crop as allowing them to go to flower and seed has many benefits. The flowers are like a magnet for all kinds of bee and predatory insect species in the garden ,plus you also get to harvest your own seed for next years sowing. As all brassicas and Lettuce go to seed with warm weather, their natural toxins build ( making them very bitter to taste) this can also reduce the amount of cabbage white butterfly numbers as the adult butterflies will eagerly lay on these and the predatory insects will be ready and waiting! … working with nature and understanding its natural cycle is the best path to achieving natural balance and the perfect organic outcome

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