Help your garden bring in the good bugs!

(Care of Noel Burdette Growing Gardeners)

I’m always talking about bringing beneficial insects into the garden, so over the next couple of weeks, Ill be showcasing some of the best plant families to help you do this . Today we start with the Umbelliferae family. This is an extensive family that in simple terms includes plants in the carrot family. They are distinguished by their often flat (or rounded) flower heads made up of many smaller flowers in intricate patterns. For Cottage gardeners , the most common seen and grown is Queens Anne’s Lace . The most common in the family are the simple herbs such as Dill , Fennel , Flat Leaf Parsley, Chervil and Coriander. Members of this beautiful family will attract a wide selection of beneficial (predatory and pollinating) insects such as Mantis, ladybirds, Hoverflies , beetles, Bees, and predatory wasps to help keep all sorts of garden pests under control. Their presence will also bring incredible beauty to the garden and they make interesting cut flowers with their delicate flower heads.


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