Time to prune your hisbiscus

(Care of Noel Burdette Growing Gardeners)

Well its that time of year again when we have to be strong and prune back our Hibiscus. Its often difficult to know when to do this as it seems that they flower virtually each and every day of the year!  September is the very best time to do this.

nb_hibiscusPrune back by at least one third evenly all over the shrub and always remember to feed the plant(s) with a well balanced slow release fertilizer . Your plants will respond in no time at all and reward you with lush growth and double the amount of flowers . Try using Plant of Health “Organic Link” followed shortly after with “Triple boost” your Hibiscus will love it!  After pruning, consider spraying the entire plant with “Eco oil” to help guard them against the disfiguring effects of Hibiscus Erinose mite ( which causes unsightly blistering and bumps all over the new growth and soft tissued stems ). Hibiscus are a favourite with many people and can be a very long term addition to any garden. There is a hibiscus species suited to most parts of Australia so everyone can enjoy their incredible beauty .

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