Upcoming Club Events

Monthly Function – Saturday 1st June 2024

Guest Speaker – Bruce Ham

Soil is so much more than “dirt” – soil is alive!

Every teaspoon of soil is home to billions of microorganisms – bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and more – as well as larger organisms like insects and earthworms. All of these organisms have a role to play in the soil ecosystem.

A healthy soil ecosystem provides plants with easy access to air, water, and nutrients. Bruce Ham is a contract organic gardener with qualifications in horticulture, engineering, geology, and health science.

Bruce has served as president of Brisbane Organic Growers, made presentations to garden clubs, the Queensland Herb Society, and the National Landcare Australia Conference.

On Saturday, Bruce will speak on “Plant Nutrition and Soil Health”.


Bus Trip – Esk Garden Fair.

The Glebe Garden Club is running a large bus to the Esk Garden & Lifestyle Fair.

The bus will have priority parking at the event. This means you will be dropped off, and picked up, at the front gate of the event.

This also means………NO parking problems, and no walking kilometers to (and plants from) the front gate….!!

Bus/event details are as follows:

  • Date: Saturday 15th June.
  • Departures and Times:
    • Pickup at 7:30 am – Ipswich Uniting Church bottom entrance, Green Street, Booval. Opposite Cameron Park.
    • Pickup at 2:30 pm – Garden Fair Front Gate
    • NOTE: Passengers MUST be at both pickups at least 15 mins before departure times.
  • Bus cost – $40.00 return.
  • Entry Fee – $5.00 per person.
  • On-site costs – Individual responsibility.

To book a seat,


  • Faye…………..(07)32888420
  • Desleigh…….(07)32888619
  • OR – go to the “CONTACT US” page on this web site, complete the form and submit.
    • The “Bus Coordinator” will then contact you to discuss any details and arrange payment.


Bus Trip – Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.

The Glebe Garden Club is running a large bus to the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers in September of this year.

  • Date:   Saturday 14th September

NOTE:  Details of this bus trip are still in the making…….Information will be made known in the near future.