Time to prune your Passionfruit

Have you pruned your passionfruit back since the winter?
Cut it back by about one third because they just love to put on new growth in these hotter months, and its from the new shoots are that you get the flowers and then of course the fruit.

passionfruit vine

Passionfruit doesn’t only taste good to humans – If you find your fruit ‘disappearing’, then birds and possums are indulging in the banquet you have provided them.   In partucular, Sulphur crested cockatoos love them. Try netting your vine next season, hang some CD discs amongst the vine or get one of those big plastic scarer hawk birds and hang it among your vine so it swings about in the breeze. Another trick people recommend is a couple of plastic snakes in or on top of the vine… this one is tricky in case you get confused and they turn out to be real snakes visiting the vine.

Credit:  Calliope Garden Club

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