April planting.

 As you can see, my Beans, Lettuce and Pak Choy are all thriving from last week’s rain.

Here’s an Autumn tip from Green Harvest, Maleny

This is the best time to sow peas, if you haven’t tried Sugar Snap peas, now is your chance!
Nothing rivals the sweetness of a pea just picked from the garden.
Podding peas, snowpeas and sugarsnap peas are available as bush types and climbers;
they can be planted in late summer to autumn. Rig up a trellis or use a Pea and Bean Net to support your plants.
Peas dislike acidity; lime if necessary to achieve a soil pH of 6 – 7.
Direct sow into a sunny position, 3 – 5 cm deep and 7.5 cm apart. Water after sowing, then to avoid seed rotting, don’t water for a couple of days.
Climbers include the snowpeas ‘Melting Mammoth’ and purple-flowered ‘Yakumo’; ‘Telephone’ podding pea and sugarsnap ‘Cascadia’.
Bush types include the snowpea ‘Oregon Sugar’, sugarsnap ‘Sugar Ann’ and podding peas ‘Novella’ and ‘Greenfeast’.
Most of the brassica family can be planted now (Asian greens, broccoli, kale and collards, mustard, cabbage).
Continue sowing root vegetables (beetroot, carrots, radish, parsnips, kohl rabi and turnips).
Japanese turnips are sweeter than common turnips and very hardy.
Continue sowing the onion family and greens including silverbeet, celery, rocket and spinach. Broad beans can be sown until May.
Garlic can be planted until the end of April, planting after this date reduces the size of the bulbs.

And, of course, now is the time to be sowing your potatoes.

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